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ViewFoo Features

Insanely Cool Photo Galleries

Powerful gallery builder and viewer. Build custom gallery layouts in three steps. Use our templates as a starting point or get as creative as you'd like. You don't have to be a designer; It's simple, powerful and FAST!

Share Your Public or Private Work

Lightening fast sharing with password protection. Public or private group sharing via automated email. Straightforward and powerful access management. You can also allow your photos to be shared with social media, or by a link.

Innovative Photo Viewing

Our photo viewer is second to none. Elegant, fast loading, and full screen allows you to breeze through larger amounts of photos effortlessly. Zoom or browse through galleries, your viewers and clients get the best user experience on a desktop or mobile device.

Dynamic and Powerful Publishing

Public galleries that you publish automatically update to your ViewFoo public website. You have total control over your photos and galleries. Using ViewFoo Pro, you are in complete control of your photos, and you decide who and how people can view them.

Simple Photo Selections

Making photo selections of your work has never been easier. Clients can select their favorites quickly; you get notified in real-time. All selections are recorded and organized on your dashboard.

Real-Time Everything!

Get Real-time Statistics of what images are being viewed from both Public or Private folders. Get real-time visitor numbers, shares, and web stats for both your Public and Private galleries. Real-time photo or gallery comments/ chat, and share notifications to keep you updated.

Promote Your Business Brand

Each account gets an innovative photography website dedicated to making your business look good. Add your business name or logo, select menu style, customize colors, add your social media links, and contact information. Fast loading, SEO enabled, and responsive layouts.

Intuitive, Sleek, & Real-time Dashboard

Sort through your photos and galleries fast. Search using keywords, folders, or titles of your work. Manage your public and private folders effortlessly. Make subcategories and folders to keep you more organized.

Auto Image Size Optimization

Our patent pending image containers make it fast to drag and drop your photos while our system automatically sizes them down for you. No more wasting time sizing down images prior to sharing them with your client. Use one of the seven gallery templates or make your own layout.

Share Privately with Clients Fast

We are serious about privacy and security. Leverage our patent pending ViewFoo Password Protect™ feature to add additional layers of security to your work.

ViewFoo Self-Destruct Timer

Set a timer that allows users a specified time that your gallery or image will be available for viewing. Once the timer is up, our automated ViewFoo Self Destruct™ Feature will do the rest. Boom! It's gone.

Photo Backups

Backup and organize your photos in one location. View and edit metadata, bulk edit your photos. More automated features coming soon!

Watermark Automation

Fast Watermark automation tags your image with your logo, copyright or name. Easy to use, set your watermark once, and apply these settings to the gallery as you publish.

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